Neuro2Go Offers At-Home Alzheimer’s Risk Test

Neuro2Go offers a convenient way to talk to a board-certified neurologist, who can provide an At-Home Alzheimer’s Risk Test, to assess the genetic risk of cognitive decline due to Alzheimer’s disease. The test uses a comprehensive genetic analysis for the risk of Alzheimer’s disease from a simple saliva sample.

Neuro2Go is a division of First Choice Neurology (FCN), one of the largest neurology practices in the US, which specializes in access to virtual, interactive video sessions with neurologists. This latest collaboration with Neuro2Go extends the use of the Alzheimer’s test beyond in-clinic practice and into telehealth.

Sampled Alzheimer’s Risk Test

During a virtual visit, Neuro2Go neurologists will assess those interested in understanding their risk of Alzheimer’s dementia and advise whether they are suitable for the test. Individuals wishing to proceed will receive an at-home test so they can send their sample to the lab for analysis. Once the results are available, Neuro2Go will arrange a further virtual visit to discuss the results and provide appropriate recommendations and medical guidance.

Dr. Jeff Gelblum, a Senior Neurologist at Neuro2Go, explained, “Neuro2Go is the virtual arm of First Choice Neurology, one of the leading neurology groups in the US. To support our patient community, we are constantly seeking to bring new medical technologies into our practices and out to our patients. Alzheimer’s disease affects over 46 million people in the world[1]. We see these tests as a powerful tool to guide patients towards effective lifestyle and therapeutic interventions that can have a significant impact on delaying the onset of disease symptoms and cognitive decline.”

Schedule a Virtual Visit to Discuss a Risk Test for Alzheimer’s

If you are interested in taking an Alzheimer’s Risk Test, schedule a virtual visit with one of our board-certified neurologists.



1. World Alzheimer’s Report 2015
2. Lancet Commission: Dementia prevention, intervention, and care: 2020

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